Topanga Canyon Maria Masha Yerukhimova

Masha Maria Yerukhimova Reebok Leggings Topanga Canyon


My favorite place in the world is Topanga Canyon. It’s very hippie and relaxed. I always feel like I’m in the middle of nowhere in a small beautiful town even if it’s technically in Los Angeles. Only 15-20 minutes from the beach and 15-20 minutes from San Fernando Valley/Calabasas. Every time I need to escape I go to Topanga for a run or just to take in the view and relax. Check out my favorite vintage store in Topanga Canyon on my Instagram. I will do a full Topanga Canyon post soon with tons of pictures…stay tuned. I’m wearing all Reebok sports top and my new favorite Reebok Speedwick Colorblock leggings. These leggings are on sale and selling out quick. These tights also make a perfect gift especially while they are on sale at $38 and they used to be $65! You can get them by clicking on the picture below or on the Amazon link here.

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Love Masha

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