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Lifestyle Sky Masha Maria YerukhimovaWHAT TO WEAR WITH A STRIPE SHIRT

Fell in love with this striped shirt from Topshop. Paired it with my vintage two-tone Levi’s. Why not make an outfit even more interesting? I love mixing and matching patterns and colors.  Check out Topshop.com for cute tops and the best high-rise denim and vinyl pants…super comfortable. Topshop does a great job when it comes to great jeans and pants. TOPSHOP.COM Continue reading


June 2015 Obsession Lifestyle Sky Maria Yerukhimova Masha Yerukhimova FashionJUNE FAVORITES & OBSESSIONS

“The secret to getting along with others is to be able to see the world through their eyes.”~ Paul McKenna

1:The Look – In-Love with all the Barbara Bui Collections! Most of her looks are very modern minimalism with an edge. Some of the design have a futuristic feel to them with perfect sleek tailoring. The future is looking good from this end. Image Courtesy: Barbara Bui

2: The Trend – A Chic Brooch. The next big trend in jewelry! Add beautiful brooches to your sweaters, shirts, and even bags. A great tip to not make it look too Grandma is to add a brooch to a more simple casual outfit like a sweatshirt or t-shirt with jeans. Image Courtesy: Hermitageshop.org

3: The New – Saint Laurent Mini Bag. Have to have this! Perfect for giant iPhones. Image Courtesy: Saks.com

4: The Bag – Obsessed with my new Zara bag….very different and very modern. Connect with me Instagram @LIFESTYLESKY

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November 2014 Obsession Maria Yerukhimova Masha Yerukhimova Lifestyle Sky Fashion BlogOCTOBER – NOVEMBER FAVORITES & OBSESSIONS

The Same Comfort You Create For Yourself Becomes The Wall That Imprisons You. ~ Tony Robbins. That’s deep….and something to think about.

1: The Look: I am obsesses with everything leather, black & white, and modern fringe for Fall/Winter to 2015! This is my favorite look so far moving towards 2015. Love this skirt because it combines both the leather and fringe trend so beautifully. Pair it with a simple white top or t-shirt for a look that can be both dressed up and dressed down. Image courtesy: Tamara Mellon Fringe Skirt tamaramellon.com

2: The Bling: Emoji inspired jewelry. Love!! Image courtesy: Alison Lou Jewelry 

3: The Look: J Brand distressed denim in Nemesis (Grey). I am obsessing over finding the perfect grey denim and distressed denim. My current favorites – all J Brand in Nemesis and Onyx. Image courtesy: jbrandjeans.com

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Zara Fall Trend Boots & Plaid Modern '90s Lifestyle Sky Fashion Maria YerukhimovaModern ’90s Style Inspiration: Plaid + Chain Boots & Bag + Timeless Classics = FALL LOVE! Mix beautifully tailored modern classics with ’90s favorites for Fall.

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3.1 Phillip Lim Designer Sportlight Lifestyle Sky Maria Yerukhimova copy copy



Getting ready for Fall with my top picks from the 3.1 Phillip Lim collectionSaksfifthavenue.com. Word play with new tops, sweaters, handbags, and accessories. Currently obsessing over this perfect for Fall shoe, with a stunning gold ankle chain. Images courtesy: Saks.com, 3.1 Phillip Lim.

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July 2014 Fashion Obsession Maria Yerukhimova Lifestyle Sky Maria Masha YerukhimovaJULY FAVORITES & OBSESSIONS  “Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.”~ Dalai Lama

1: Modern Summer White: Finding inspiration with Cushnie Et Ochs 2014 Spring Runway. Futuristic, clean and wearable. “THE STRIKING COLLECTION SPEAKS TO THE NEW MODERN WOMAN WHO OWNS HER OWN INDIVIDUALITY” via Cushnie Et Ochs. Image courtesy: Cushnie Et Ochs.com

2: Alexander Wang ‘Jodie’ Ankle-Strap Pumps. These crazy stunning pumps are on sale at Saks.com. from $695 to $250! The picture and the video does not do this shoe justice! These pumps are super elegant and sexy. The snake skin patter is not too busy with more white than black, and look very modern with the ankle straps. Saks Fifth Avenue.com has the best designer sale, and I love how they show the video of the product! Also if your size sells out, you can add it to the wait list and Saks will email you once/if your size becomes available. Love that! I just got these for my birthday and I love them! Image courtesy: Saksfifthavenue.com Continue reading


New Minimalism Maria Yerukhimova Lifestyle Sky Maria Masha Yerukhimova J Brand“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Leonardo da Vinci

Moving towards futuristic simplicity, the new minimalism. Designer Spotlight – J Brand.  Taking the wardrobe down to simplicity, by sticking to easy-to-wear, modern, run out the door style, while looking beautifully well put-together. —One Color Palette – Clean Cut – Futuristic – Simple – Modern – Monochromatic – Well-Made – Sophisticated.— Love J Brand…they just keep killing it with clean, futuristic, minimalistic, monochromatic magic! Images courtesy: Jbrandjeans.com Lookbook 

Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler.” Albert Einstein      -Start a movement-

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Black and White Maria Yerukhimova Lifestyle SkyBold is beautiful for 2014 and what better way to start the New Year but with the Black and White Trend! The new Balmain 2014 Collection Houndstooth obsession is a perfect example. With every collection Balmain is on point with wearable 80s & 90s inspired looks and this houndstooth jacket & skirt is no exception. This look is extra special with bold jewelry and a modern belt! Love Balmain! To get the updated modern monochrome look don’t be scared to mix bold patterns together and my favorite – all white with a black bag or black shoes or the opposite – all black with a bold all white accessory such as a white bag. Phillip Lim is a great example of how to wear this modernized trend with his 2013 Collections. My other obsession comes from the new ring collection from Chanel with the “Ultra” ceramic diamond rings that are crazy beautiful! I especially love the white ceramic ring with dimonds that would make for a unique engagement ring. Images courtesy clockwise: Zara Handbag – Zara.com, Chanel Ultra Rings – Chanel.com, Balmain 2014 Collection, 3.1 Phillip Lim 2013, Balmain 2014 Collection, Design by Lifestyle Sky.

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