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Fell in love with this striped shirt from Topshop. Paired it with my vintage two-tone Levi’s. Why not make an outfit even more interesting? I love mixing and matching patterns and colors.  Check out Topshop.com for cute tops and the best high-rise denim and vinyl pants…super comfortable. Topshop does a great job when it comes to great jeans and pants. TOPSHOP.COM Continue reading


Lifestyle Sky J Brand Jeans Spring 2014 Maria YerukhimovaOne of my favorite brand of jeans are the ultra flattering J Brand Jeans especially the ‘2311  Maria high-rise skinny’ in black & dark wash available at Jbrandjeans.com & Nordstom.com. Timeless and sophisticated, these jeans are all about the perfect fit that flatter almost any shape. The J Brand Spring 2014 collection shows a great range of current and up-and-coming trends such as the still hot striped black & white shirt, cropped bottoms, laid back loose fit denim shorts, leather pants, high-rise denim, white on black trend, and Spring pink trend. Love that they have a beautiful ready-to-wear collection with modern tops, skirts, and dresses as well as designer denim. The one trend that I am obsessing over (and you read it here first!) is the high-rise denim trend predicted to be everywhere…so comfortable and so flattering. Pair your high-waisted  denim/pants with a cropped top or with a tucked in striped shirt. Images courtesy: JBrandjeans.com, J Brand Spring Lookbook 2014.

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Lifestyle Sky Fashion Blog January 2014 Obsessions

Happy New Year 2014! January is a perfect month to start fresh, make new exciting goals, commit to better fitness, health, and even make a completely new life for yourself…a life of your dreams. It’s up to each person to make the decision to get clear on what they want in life, write out their goals, stay committed, and hold themselves accountable. As I learned in self-development study that the only way to happiness is through daily growth, daily progress, and a never ending enthusiasm for learning. And one of the best things I learned this past year: motivation, learning, passion, drive, happiness, and living a positive life is like bathing. Bathing does not last… that is why it’s recommend daily. Zig Zigler. This is a daily commitment for the rest of your life not just once in a while. You can’t just hope for the best and do nothing. Living the same way and expecting a different result as you know is just crazy. Everything in life including motivation, habits, and relationships need daily attention and growth. “Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.” JR

1: This is probably one of the best and my top favorite look ever from Tuulavintage blog. I am giving this a look of the year award 2014! It’s beautiful, sophisticated, comfortable, and fashion forward. Leather pants, classy belt, and eye catching shoes make this outfit stunning. Not sure what to wear? This is a perfect daily uniform. Image courtesy: Tuulavintage.com

2: Can’t stay away from Balmain and this is again my favorite from 2013 going to 2014 white on white trend. Image courtesy: Balmain.com 

3: Vans metallic shoes take the top three spot with this fun gold edition. Slip-on shoes made a come back in 2013 and will continue to be popular this year. They are super comfortable and have a fashion forward casual look. Love! Image courtesy: Vans $59.95 from Nordstrom.com

4: Dream bag for 2014 is the small white Chanel Boy Flap Bag. I am obsessed with the extra thick long chain. Price based on size approximately over $2,000+. Image courtesy: Chanel.com

5: Two beauty trends I am loving for 2014 is hair part glitter especially if it’s in the same color family as your hair. Also a little sparkle at the corner of the eye. A little goes a long way. Keep the rest of your make-up natural if adding a little glitter. Also loving one tone hair color. Highlights can wait until Summer. This look from Dior Spring Runway 2014 is a perfect combination of both. Image courtesy: Dior.com

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