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It’s 2017, and now more than ever you need to create your own personal brand. Here are my top 6 social media platforms that I recommend using ASAP from my “Personal Branding + Marketing Tips Guide” that will be available soon.

Why should you build your personal brand you ask? Grow your personal brand so that you can build trust, control your own destiny, career, and become an industry influencer / leader.

“There are seven billion people in the world today, and in 2010 23% percent of them were online. By 2020 there will be almost eight (7.8) billion people in the world, and 68% of them will be online.” — Marie Forleo

Like most people, you’re probably thinking, “What? All of it? Do you know how many social media platforms there are these days?”

No worries, you don’t have to be on all of them. Here are the top social media platforms I personally recommend using:


An image is worth a thousand words. Instagram has now over 500 million active monthly users! And Instagram Stories is blowing up and will only get better. Plus, Instagram stories get more views than Snapchat videos/stories. Instagram is perfect for personal branding and I would say it’s my #1 at the moment. Make sure you’re posting beautiful quality content that’s not commercial daily. Also be sure to tag brands, people, and use #hashtags. Take your Instagram pics to the next level with my favorite new book “Capture Your Style: Transform Your Instagram Images, Showcase Your Life, and Build the Ultimate Platform, written by Aimee Song. Aimee is a fashion and lifestyle blogger with more than four million Instagram followers, so she knows a thing or two about photography, marketing, and personal branding. Get yourself a copy ASAP. Trust me, you need it. Click the link above or bottom book picture to purchase. Goal: Post 1 beautiful / creative on-brand image per day + use Instagram stories (be a storyteller and share behind the scenes action) same as you would Snapchat.

Instagram Photography Book


Amazing target market reach, and cost-effective advertising. You can target your specific market to the detail with just a few dollars per ad. Plus, Facebook loves videos and now has live video…use both! Since Facebook favors videos they get better reach and more views. Make sure to create a Facebook page that is separate from your private Facebook profile. You can create a business/company page, brand, product, artist, band, public figure, group, and non-profit page..etc Click here to create your page. Also, remember to always reply to comments on your page. Goal: To connect and engage with your audience with daily / weekly posts.


Video is big right now, and will only get bigger. Hello vlogging! YouTube is an incredibly powerful tool that you can use to build your personal brand and social media fan base. Upload well edited “About Me”, “How To”, Personal Vlogs, and Client Interviews videos. YouTube is one of the largest Search Engine after Google, and Google owns YouTube. That means better ranking on Goggle when you post your videos. Goal: Post quality on-brand 5-20 minute videos (once per week or once per month) to grow your followers across all social media platforms.

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February Favorites Fashion Blog Lifestyle Sky Maria Masha YerukhimovaHappy February! This month it’s all about love, fashion week and the Sochi Winter 2014 Olympics!

1: My woman of the month is the ridiculously inspirational entrepreneur Marie Forleo. Marie created a successful business from the ground up as a lifestyle coach, smart online marketer and has award winning online videos called Marie TV. She also offers an online 8-week business/marketing school once per year called “B-School”. Her short, fun and always inspiring videos on business, online marketing and just general life Q & A’s come out every Tuesday on her website. She offers smart advice with simple action plans. I just discovered her videos one month ago and now a huge fan and always look forward to her videos every Tuesday morning. Who would have thought there is another girl out there who loves marketing, business, self development, positivity, AND scary movies just as much as I do! I am borderline obsessive with the topics listed above. Finally someone I can relate to! I highly recommend her videos and blog posts to anyone looking for some smart business, marketing, and self development advice. Feeling stuck, frustrated, confused and not getting any support from friends? Marie TV is for you! I guarantee you will love it and/or find most of her advice/knowledge very helpful especially on Marketing & Business! Love, love her! Image courtesy: Marieforleo.com

2: This month I am a little obsessed with shoes and of course white on white trend. What better way to start than with the ultimate classic and most coveted by even the most stylish fashionistas, the Converse All Star white high tops for men and women $49.95. Ladies this also makes a great Valentine’s Day gift for your significant other. Also available in the classic black that always remind me of The Sandlot so I will f o r e v e r  love these. Image courtesy: Nordstrom.com

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New Year, New Beginnings I JANUARY FAVORITES

maria yerukhimova JANUARY OBSESSION!A little late is better than never! Here are my monthly picks for January 1st that I am obsesses about, have, use, read, and inspired by!

1: Oprah does not need an introduction! She is the ultimate brand power with a savvy creative/powerful mind and oh so inspiring business sense.  I always loved and admired Oprah but I just fell IN-LOVE with her even more because of her impressive never give up, become a better person each day, and the ultimate personal development obsessive reader ever and for her ”’Struggling” aka “Climbing a New Mountain” new venture/network (Obsessive in a very good way! Reading, learning and daily personal development goals will give you the ultimate edge, success & power.. not to mention happiness ). I have been looking at a few Oprah inspirational youtube videos and just got this article of the interview she did for Harper’s Bazaar Magazine. It’s a pretty simple, short article but I got a few life changing quotes from it! Read on- http://www.harpersbazaar.com/magazine/feature-articles/oprah-winfrey-tv-network-own-1112#slide-1

2: YSL mascara in extreme blue/shocking blue & currently using burgundy. These two colors have been showing up in countless runway shows and magazines. I just got the YSL burgundy (obsessed!) so much better than black or brown mascara and can’t wait to get the extra edgy shocking blue YSL mascara. Both available for $30 at nordstrom.com.

3: Loving my new gift- New Apple re-designed earbuds. Apple.com $29

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