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Masha Yerukhimova Lifestyle Sky Fashion Blogger Topshop Black Laceup JeansFRONT LACED TOPSHOP DENIM

Finally found super comfortable jeans that are available in “Tall” with a high waist. Since I’m almost 5’11 on a good day it’s hard to find denim that goes below my ankle. I live for Zara, but for some reason, most of their pants and jeans are super cropped. I do love a good crop but most of the time I just want comfortable denim made for tall women. Plus, these jeans have a cool lace-up look. Love! I’m obsessing over Topshop at the moment because their jeans + pants are available in “Tall” “Regular” and “Petite”. They also have really cool vinyl pants from time to time. I change up this look with high heel boots or with Vans sneakers for a more sporty/casual look. Jeans from Topshop also available at, Sunglasses from, Sneakers from or Backpack + T-Shirt from



Maria Yerukhimova Lifestyle Sky StripesIt’s finally Wednesday…Happy May 1st! I am following the ever popular for Spring stripes trend. With so many collections hitting the runways and bloggers showing off their best street style stripes that I just can’t help but fall a little in-love. The best look comes from Balmain. I know I keep using Balmain in my posts a lot but darn it he is killing it with every look/collection. This Balmain look would seem a little crazy if just to describe it but looking at this everything looks perfect with each other and very wearable. I am especially loving the striped blazer look and a mini striped skirt that will be perfect for hot summer months. Images courtesy clockwise: Balmain 2013 Collection, Harper’s Bazaar US Magazine 2013, Michael Kors Runway, clutch, Harper’s Street Style for both images, and last but not least Elle Macpherson rocking the striped jeans look. Design by Lifestyle Sky. Until next time! P.S. The May Favorites Post will be asap!