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LIFESTYLE SKY PhotographySpending time at my favorite spot in Los Angeles…Grove Mall outdoor shopping + farmers market. Be sure to check out the amazing views. Modern ’70s flares are perfect for all ocasions especially paired with a simple white top. Wearing J Brand High-Rise Flares Jeans, Bebe Top, and BCBG Booties.   Continue reading


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Summer days spent traveling and lounging by the pool. Made it in the J BRAND “Good Jeans Travel Well” email! Click here for my favorite J BRAND Photo Ready Super Skinny Style. I wore my super soft and super comfortable Photo Ready J BRANDS while traveling to Catalina Island + summer weekends lounging by the pool while reading the massive September Elle Issue……oh how I love September Fall Fashion previews.

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Maria Yerukhimova Masha Maria Yerukhimova Lifestyle Sky Fashion BlogMaria Masha Yerukhimova Masha Yerukhimova LIfestyle Sky Fashion Blog
My favorite modern minimalistic look for day to night layers – Vintage Denim Jacket, my favorite JBrand Maria High-Rise Photo Ready Black Jeans, White Top, and Prada Shiny Ankle Boots. Shop my top picks to take this look to another level and check out my feature in STYLR.COM where you can shop top instagram looks. Continue reading


November 2014 Obsession Maria Yerukhimova Masha Yerukhimova Lifestyle Sky Fashion BlogOCTOBER – NOVEMBER FAVORITES & OBSESSIONS

The Same Comfort You Create For Yourself Becomes The Wall That Imprisons You. ~ Tony Robbins. That’s deep….and something to think about.

1: The Look: I am obsesses with everything leather, black & white, and modern fringe for Fall/Winter to 2015! This is my favorite look so far moving towards 2015. Love this skirt because it combines both the leather and fringe trend so beautifully. Pair it with a simple white top or t-shirt for a look that can be both dressed up and dressed down. Image courtesy: Tamara Mellon Fringe Skirt

2: The Bling: Emoji inspired jewelry. Love!! Image courtesy: Alison Lou Jewelry 

3: The Look: J Brand distressed denim in Nemesis (Grey). I am obsessing over finding the perfect grey denim and distressed denim. My current favorites – all J Brand in Nemesis and Onyx. Image courtesy:

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New Minimalism Maria Yerukhimova Lifestyle Sky Maria Masha Yerukhimova J Brand“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Leonardo da Vinci

Moving towards futuristic simplicity, the new minimalism. Designer Spotlight – J Brand.  Taking the wardrobe down to simplicity, by sticking to easy-to-wear, modern, run out the door style, while looking beautifully well put-together. —One Color Palette – Clean Cut – Futuristic – Simple – Modern – Monochromatic – Well-Made – Sophisticated.— Love J Brand…they just keep killing it with clean, futuristic, minimalistic, monochromatic magic! Images courtesy: Lookbook 

Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler.” Albert Einstein      -Start a movement-

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June 2014 Fashion Obsession Maria Yerukhimova Lifestyle Sky Maria Masha YerukhimovaHappy June!

1: The Trend: Cape coats and blazers! I know it looks beautiful and sophisticated to drape a coat or a blazer over your shoulders, but this cape trend takes this to another comfortable level. Set your arms free, yet still look super stylish and warm. I especially love the black and/or white modern structured cape blazers that have been popping up on sites such as Image courtesy: Getty Images, Miranda Kerr

2: The Look: Leather Pants + Menswear Inspired Modern White Blazer + Classic Black Pumps = Perfection/Daily Uniform from day to night. Image courtesy:

3: GIIFT.COM: I love gift cards and always have tons of them in my bag. I also love to give gifts cards to anyone I come in contact with including my friends. What’s better than choosing exactly what you want with a beautiful gift card from your favorite store? This brings me to my new favorite website called! I have tons of gift cards with different amounts, some I have used and some with a full balance. allows you to load and store all your gift cards in one place (your GIIFT.COM account) and then you can transfer balance from one gift card to a completely different gift card! What?!….Yes! I love, love, love that! You can view and manage your cards all from one place with their easy to use simple website. You can also add your gifts cards with your mileage and loyalty programs together to your “portfolio total value”. The site lets you invite your friends to share & exchange!

Check out their website for an easy sign up with your Facebook or Google+ account. Here is some more info below from their website.

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