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I wanted to do a guest post with a person, client, brand, and company that I personally love! For those of you who love beauty like I do this post is for you. If you want stunning glam lashes D’Lashes by Dionne Phillips has the best lash extensions and lash products. Dionne is the top beauty influencer and does the best A-List Lash Extensions….ever! She’s also an awesome person and we both share a love of fashion, beauty, similar style of blogging, and scary movies. (Check her V-Day Products Blog Post Here), Dionne does all the top celebrity lashes but is still so down to earth, and is also very inspiring to be around. The best tip I got from D’Lashes is to wait 30-50 seconds for the glue to get tacky before placing the faux lashes on your lash line. Click below to read more.

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New Year, New Beginnings I JANUARY FAVORITES

maria yerukhimova JANUARY OBSESSION!A little late is better than never! Here are my monthly picks for January 1st that I am obsesses about, have, use, read, and inspired by!

1: Oprah does not need an introduction! She is the ultimate brand power with a savvy creative/powerful mind and oh so inspiring business sense.  I always loved and admired Oprah but I just fell IN-LOVE with her even more because of her impressive never give up, become a better person each day, and the ultimate personal development obsessive reader ever and for her ”’Struggling” aka “Climbing a New Mountain” new venture/network (Obsessive in a very good way! Reading, learning and daily personal development goals will give you the ultimate edge, success & power.. not to mention happiness ). I have been looking at a few Oprah inspirational youtube videos and just got this article of the interview she did for Harper’s Bazaar Magazine. It’s a pretty simple, short article but I got a few life changing quotes from it! Read on-

2: YSL mascara in extreme blue/shocking blue & currently using burgundy. These two colors have been showing up in countless runway shows and magazines. I just got the YSL burgundy (obsessed!) so much better than black or brown mascara and can’t wait to get the extra edgy shocking blue YSL mascara. Both available for $30 at

3: Loving my new gift- New Apple re-designed earbuds. $29

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