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It’s 2017, and now more than ever you need to create your own personal brand. Here are my top 6 social media platforms that I recommend using ASAP from my “Personal Branding + Marketing Tips Guide” that will be available soon.

Why should you build your personal brand you ask? Grow your personal brand so that you can build trust, control your own destiny, career, and become an industry influencer / leader.

“There are seven billion people in the world today, and in 2010 23% percent of them were online. By 2020 there will be almost eight (7.8) billion people in the world, and 68% of them will be online.” — Marie Forleo

Like most people, you’re probably thinking, “What? All of it? Do you know how many social media platforms there are these days?”

No worries, you don’t have to be on all of them. Here are the top social media platforms I personally recommend using:


An image is worth a thousand words. Instagram has now over 500 million active monthly users! And Instagram Stories is blowing up and will only get better. Plus, Instagram stories get more views than Snapchat videos/stories. Instagram is perfect for personal branding and I would say it’s my #1 at the moment. Make sure you’re posting beautiful quality content that’s not commercial daily. Also be sure to tag brands, people, and use #hashtags. Take your Instagram pics to the next level with my favorite new book “Capture Your Style: Transform Your Instagram Images, Showcase Your Life, and Build the Ultimate Platform, written by Aimee Song. Aimee is a fashion and lifestyle blogger with more than four million Instagram followers, so she knows a thing or two about photography, marketing, and personal branding. Get yourself a copy ASAP. Trust me, you need it. Click the link above or bottom book picture to purchase. Goal: Post 1 beautiful / creative on-brand image per day + use Instagram stories (be a storyteller and share behind the scenes action) same as you would Snapchat.

Instagram Photography Book


Amazing target market reach, and cost-effective advertising. You can target your specific market to the detail with just a few dollars per ad. Plus, Facebook loves videos and now has live video…use both! Since Facebook favors videos they get better reach and more views. Make sure to create a Facebook page that is separate from your private Facebook profile. You can create a business/company page, brand, product, artist, band, public figure, group, and non-profit page..etc Click here to create your page. Also, remember to always reply to comments on your page. Goal: To connect and engage with your audience with daily / weekly posts.


Video is big right now, and will only get bigger. Hello vlogging! YouTube is an incredibly powerful tool that you can use to build your personal brand and social media fan base. Upload well edited “About Me”, “How To”, Personal Vlogs, and Client Interviews videos. YouTube is one of the largest Search Engine after Google, and Google owns YouTube. That means better ranking on Goggle when you post your videos. Goal: Post quality on-brand 5-20 minute videos (once per week or once per month) to grow your followers across all social media platforms.


Easy to share images that are saved to a board. With more than 70 million users, Pinterest (when used correctly) can drive more traffic than YouTube & LinkedIn combined. Make sure you pin visually compelling photos with a link to your website. You can also create a business Pinterest board so that you can then have access to analytics. Goal: Post and repost beautiful images weekly making sure your own images have a link back to your website.


More than 43% of Millennials are using it and it’s still growing with 25 years and older age group. It also has some awesome filters. Learn how to share entertaining stories with video and pictures. Snapchat also now rolled out Snap Ads between stories that can be used to promote your business and content. Goal: Be creative with storytelling as well as sharing behind the scenes action daily / weekly.


A great place to share quick information, news, and announce new blog posts. Attach images for more shares, likes, and better engagement. Your Twitter profile description is super important, as well as a link to your website. Keep your profile description on brand, to the point, and in first-person. It’s also always better to post a profile picture of your face rather than a company logo. Use #hashtags, but only 2 max per post. Goal: Tweet and retweet on-brand short informative info/news with attached images + links daily / weekly.

Honorable Mention: LinkedIn

Keep a professional up-to-date profile that focuses on how you can solve a problem for your target audience.”The only way to influence other people is to talk about what they want and show them how to get it. Instead of being all about yourself, your LinkedIn profile should be all about your target audience. It should focus on what you do for clients, the problems you solve for your specific target audiences through the services and products you provide.” Via John Nemo

I actually think Twitter and Snapchat are on shaky ground at the moment.

Instagram stories get way more views than Snapchat (You can test this yourself), but Snapchat has better filters. And Twitter is becoming a little less popular.

But you never know what the future holds. I still use Twitter for other clients, and even still use it myself.

So how do you know which social media platforms you should focus on?

By finding out where your target audience hangs out and how they like communicating online, and then thinking about the results you want to get.

Of course, no matter what platforms you choose, make sure all your accounts reflect your visual brand and that you provide massive value that’s true to that platform consistently.

Important note: A lot of people (and even some marketing companies) will follow someone, and then unfollow as soon as that person follows them back. Yes, it’s a way to get more followers, but most people on social media (including me) will immediately block anyone who does it. (Believe me, there are plenty of apps out there that detect this kind of thing.)

In the long run you gain nothing, and lose your credibility of being an authentic person. People want to trust and respect you—not see you as a fake.

Also, before starting anything including social media… always ask “What is my outcome? What are the exact results I’m after?” Start with the end in mind and be crystal clear on the results you’re after. Write it down!

Now get out there and share your personal brand with the world!

If you have any questions or if you’re looking to take your personal brand to the next level contact me or leave me a comment below.

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