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Masha Yerukhimova Lifestyle Sky Fashion Blogger Topshop Black Laceup JeansFRONT LACED TOPSHOP DENIM

Finally found super comfortable jeans that are available in “Tall” with a high waist. Since I’m almost 5’11 on a good day it’s hard to find denim that goes below my ankle. I live for Zara, but for some reason, most of their pants and jeans are super cropped. I do love a good crop but most of the time I just want comfortable denim made for tall women. Plus, these jeans have a cool lace-up look. Love! I’m obsessing over Topshop at the moment because their jeans + pants are available in “Tall” “Regular” and “Petite”. They also have really cool vinyl pants from time to time. I change up this look with high heel boots or with Vans sneakers for a more sporty/casual look. Jeans from Topshop also available at, Sunglasses from, Sneakers from or Backpack + T-Shirt from



Masha Maria Yerukhimova Fashion Lace Denim Lifestyle Sky BloggerMasha Maria Yerukhimova Fashion Lace Denim Lifestyle Sky Blogger Zara

Wearing Zara lace tunic (Similar Here) (One from Macys), Zara pumps, and Asos high-rise jeans. I think this is the perfect Valentine’s Day look from day to night. This lace look gets elevated to cool girl status with distressed denim, plus I think it Continue reading


Lifestyle Sky Blog Maria Yerukhimova YSL Black Bag Maria Masha YerukhimovaThe perfect black bag to invest in, from high to low. I always recommend to invest in a quality timeless designer bag rather than buying brand new outfits each month. You also don’t have to spend a fortune on a great investment bag. I often find beautiful classic bags at Zara and other similar retailers. The best color to stick with that will go with any look and will always elevate an outfit, is classic black with beautiful hardware. These are Continue reading


September 2014 Obsession Lifestyle Sky Maria Masha YerukhimovaSEPTEMBER FAVORITES & OBSESSIONS  
“Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage.” ~ Dale Carnegie  Do something every week that scares you. Step away from your comfort zone…better yet, RUN from your comfort zone!
1. The Black Leather Dress – Time for Fall! Can’t wait to wear black leather dresses and skirts all season long. In-love with this Mango Premium Collection Leather Dress. $189. Image courtesy:
2. The Look – Yes, you can wear white on white for Fall and Winter! Also going crazy for midi skirts! Image courtesy:
3. The Rebel – Looking for more of an edgy sent for Fall – YSL Parfum. Beautiful bottle design! Available from Image courtesy: 


3.1 Phillip Lim Designer Sportlight Lifestyle Sky Maria Yerukhimova copy copy



Getting ready for Fall with my top picks from the 3.1 Phillip Lim Word play with new tops, sweaters, handbags, and accessories. Currently obsessing over this perfect for Fall shoe, with a stunning gold ankle chain. Images courtesy:, 3.1 Phillip Lim.

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The New Minimalism J Brand & Givenchy Black Bag Lifestyle Sky Maria YerukhimovaMINIMALIST LOOK – Taking the wardrobe down to simplicity, all neutral, well made items with classic investment accessories and outerwear.  Sticking to easy-to-wear/run out the door while looking pulled together in one color palette with a clean cut, futuristic twist. On the “Need to get – investment item” list…The one, the only, icon status….black Givenchy bag and anything J Brand…they just keep killing it with clean, futuristic, monochromatic magic!

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Fringe Trend Lifestyle Sky Maria Yerukhimova 2

Bring on the MODERN FRINGE! Kate Moss for TOPSHOP with stunning ’60s and ’70s inspired collections with tons of edgy on-trend fringe. Easy style update – Zara Fringe Accessories! Click below for all your shopping and brand link needs…

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Black and White Maria Yerukhimova Lifestyle SkyBold is beautiful for 2014 and what better way to start the New Year but with the Black and White Trend! The new Balmain 2014 Collection Houndstooth obsession is a perfect example. With every collection Balmain is on point with wearable 80s & 90s inspired looks and this houndstooth jacket & skirt is no exception. This look is extra special with bold jewelry and a modern belt! Love Balmain! To get the updated modern monochrome look don’t be scared to mix bold patterns together and my favorite – all white with a black bag or black shoes or the opposite – all black with a bold all white accessory such as a white bag. Phillip Lim is a great example of how to wear this modernized trend with his 2013 Collections. My other obsession comes from the new ring collection from Chanel with the “Ultra” ceramic diamond rings that are crazy beautiful! I especially love the white ceramic ring with dimonds that would make for a unique engagement ring. Images courtesy clockwise: Zara Handbag –, Chanel Ultra Rings –, Balmain 2014 Collection, 3.1 Phillip Lim 2013, Balmain 2014 Collection, Design by Lifestyle Sky.

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