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Guest post from D’Lashes!


Fall is here and the holidays are just around the corner. It’s time to change up and play around with Fall beauty looks. Fall and Winter season calls for a little bit of a more full-coverage foundation, and this beauty vlogger approved Dermacol foundation is selling like hot cakes. CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE.

My D’Lashes lipstick in matte and cream is here! So excited! There are so many colors to choose from and I can’t wait for you to try them all. CLICK HERE TO SHOP.

The new D’Lashes browblender is also now available online. On point groomed brows are always in fashion. CLICK HERE TO SHOP.

My new must-have eyeshadow is this stunning palette from Bobbi Brown in Caviar and Rubies. Also, makes a perfect holiday gift! It’s to die for. CLICK HERE TO SHOP.

Fall also calls for a change of fragrance to something more sensual and romantic. This Versace Crystal Noir parfum is perfect. This one will also make it into my ultimate gift guide list. CLICK HERE TO SHOP!

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I wanted to do a guest post with a person, client, brand, and company that I personally love! For those of you who love beauty like I do this post is for you. If you want stunning glam lashes D’Lashes by Dionne Phillips has the best lash extensions and lash products. Dionne is the top beauty influencer and does the best A-List Lash Extensions….ever! She’s also an awesome person and we both share a love of fashion, beauty, similar style of blogging, and scary movies. (Check her V-Day Products Blog Post Here), Dionne does all the top celebrity lashes but is still so down to earth, and is also very inspiring to be around. The best tip I got from D’Lashes is to wait 30-50 seconds for the glue to get tacky before placing the faux lashes on your lash line. Click below to read more.

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LIFESTYLE SKY Fashion Blog TrendsLIFESTYLE SKY Fashion Blogger Style

Happy Fall + Winter! Here are my TOP 5 FALL TRENDS that I am currently obsessing over. #6 is on Personal Growth – Change Your Life Now! The School of Greatness: A Real-World Guide to Living Bigger, Loving Deeper, and Leaving a Legacy

Head over to my new “ABOUT” page for more of my Top Fall Picks/Obsessions! Also, check out my new “MARKETING AGENCY” page for some great marketing tips…I will be adding more this month. Also, follow me on Periscope for Business, Growth, + Marketing Scopes…..coming soon. And lets add each other on Snapchat! Periscope + Snapchat @ LifestyleSky 

My Tip of the Week: “Top #marketing isn’t about resources – it’s about value. The more #value you add to people, the more they will see you as an expert.” TR

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Lifestyle Sky Maria Yerukhimova The Beauty Edit New BestThe Beauty Edit – My Ultimate Top 6 Must-Have Beauty Products that I Can’t Live Without!

1: Natural Beauty Georgia Louise Lift & Sculpt Butterfly Stone $45. Rose quartz has been known to have many healing benefits including anti-ageing. It’s a little confusing/mystical on how it works but to explain what it does simply –  It’s a natural stone that in this case is used to message the face to help drain puffiness. It makes sense, because messaging the face especially in the morning does help with puffiness and helps drain eye bags but this stone goes a few steps forward. This products is from Georgia Louis Spa, specializing in first-class Spa and Facial Treatments located in NY Manhattan. From their website – “Regular massaging with this stone will help to drain puffiness and unwanted toxins, contour the face and help smooth fine lines and wrinkles”. This stone can be purchased directly from the website and it does not hurt that it’s shaped as a beautiful pink butterfly! Image courtesy:GeorgiaLouise.co.uk

2: The Classic – Prada Perfume Infusion d’Homme from Saks Fifth Avenue $58+. This in my opinion is the best of the best in fragrance. Technically this one is for men but I think it has a very clean unisex sent to it that smells amazing on both men and women. I wear it all the time, spray the room with it, and pretty much overall obsess over the clean sophisticated smell for the past five + years. Image courtesy: Prada at Saksfifthavenue.com

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Lifestyle Sky Beauty Secrets Health The Top Five Maria Yerukhimova

My TOP 5 BEAUTY, HEALTH & WELLNESS SECRETS that changed my life

Here is how I changed my body, energy, mental clarity, and health!

Note: The below information is purely based on my own experience and not from a massive study or countless lab experiments. Always consult your doctor before changing or adding anything to your diet.

1: WATER (Tons of Water) + Warm Water with Lemon Juice. Yes, I know everyone and their Mom talks about how important it is to drink the proper amount of water everyday but it really is the BEST beauty secret there is! I did not pay too much attention a few yeas ago how much water I drank but then when you hit a massive brick wall emotionally, physically, and mentally you start to do some soul searching and countless hours of research on wellness & health late, late at night. Turns out I was crazy dehydrated from drinking 40 pound of coffee and 60 pounds of tea (I am slightly exaggerating on the pounds) each day with no fresh water! I did not look healthy and more importantly I did not feel healthy with zero energy. I will also not talk about the horrible mood swings and migraine headaches that come from dehydration. Instead of popping more and more pills into my body I decided to give this water thing a try. We all know that our brain and body is made up of mostly water. All life on earth revolves around and depends on water. Drink it!

Here is how I cultivated the habit of drinking the proper amount of water for my body weight and increased my energy by over 60%-70%!

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